Your brain activity changes when your eyes open and close. When this change is small, your cognitive ability is hindered. This commonly occurs with people suffering from Chronic Stress.

The Wellness IP Stress Management AI Engine

Through our AI Recommender and Reference Group Data, we guide Intentional Behavior Modification that increases changes in brain activity and increases cognitive ability.


For $2,000, practitioners will be provided with an A-7 Resting State Strength Assessment platform providing a measurement of the patients/clients Activation/Deactivation levels combined with a measurement of functional plasticity. This Resting State Strength measurement will generate the mobile plasticity programs for stress management.

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Provide your patients with cutting-edge technology and guidance that can be used to improve stress management.

The company will charge the patient or client $45 per month. Participating practitioners will receive 20-25% of each monthly subscription allowing participating practitioners to build a new and profitably revenue stream to their practices.

Stress Management is practiced by licensed professionals, certified professionals, athletes, meditators, students, working and retired people from all walks of life. The Wellness IP App is designed to be used by all of them, both in North America and around the world and is aimed at creating a new profitable area for Practitioners.

The A-7 Resting State Strength Assessment is a patent pending method of assessing and tracking complex changes in the Resting State Network by measuring Resting State Activation/Deactivation and functional plasticity.


Discounted rate on the A-7 in office sensor system and proprietary analytics for Resting State Assessment and AI based mobile intentional behavior modification programing.

Access to the seed data base which allows Practitioners to quickly build a local proprietary AI data asset

Access to learning management system for 2 years

Support and consultation on all products and services

Start unlocking higher levels of wellness for your patients and clients today.

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